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Who Should Get This Training?

All companies and individuals who want to outshine their competition, increase sales, and boost profits should include this training. When it comes to growing your company, image is everything. We're here to help your business raise the bar and stand above the competition with professional polish. We deliver results. Note: Patricia also offers company sponsored one-on-one coaching for individuals. Call for details.

What We Do

We bring to you high-content, upbeat and interactive Impression Management training programs. Patricia's Dress for Success seminars are tailored to your specific needs, goals and industry. We deliver results.
Smart Casual Dress Style

What To Expect

At the conclusion of this fun-filled program, your group will be well-prepared to proudly represent your organization with a new level of professionalism. Whether your dress codes are casual or more formal, attendees will have a clear understanding of what defines appropriate attire for all their business-related activities.
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Ms. Stephenson believes "Dressing well isn't about money. It's about knowledge and choices." Our Dress for Success program is original, acclaimed and fun. Attendees will learn timeless tips and guidelines for achieving Professional Polish—even on a shoestring budget. Note: Classes for groups and individuals.

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Smart Casual Dress Style

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