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Who Should Get This Training?

All companies and individuals who want to outshine their competition, increase sales, and boost profits should include this training. Our programs teach your teams how to develop professional polish, and stand above the competition. Present and future customers will like what they see and be more inclined to do business with you and your company. Note: Patricia also offers company sponsored one-on-one coaching for individuals who want to gain a competitive advantage.

What We Do

We present high-content, interactive and upbeat Impression Management training programs that meet your specific needs and goals. Each Business Etiquette seminar is custom-designed for you and your industry, with special emphasis on presenting a polished professional image.

Business Lunch

What to Expect

At the conclusion of this fun-filled program, participants will possess a clear understanding of the importance of first impressions, communicate with confidence while projecting a polished appearance, and be fully aware of the many advantages gained by applying these skills.
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Ms. Stephenson believes "It is the subtle details that make a big difference in how we are perceived by others. One can be dressed for success, but not know how to properly shake a hand. Another example is not know which bread plate is theirs during an important business lunch or interview. This lack of confidence not only reflects on the individual, but also on the company. We're here to help build that confidence."

Below is our 'menu' of learning modules to choose from. Select the areas of emphasis that are most relevant to you or your organization. Together, we will design, create and deliver the best customized training experience for your group. Note: Private one-on-one training available.

        What Participants Will Learn

  • First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

  • Presenting a Polished Professional Image

  • Dress For Success—Business Casual or More Formal

  • Body Language—Effective! Nonverbal Communication

  • The Handshake That Exudes Confidence—and Competence

  • Telephone & Cellphone Etiquette Awareness—Important

  • High-Impact Communication Skills—Essential to Succeed

  • How to Sell Yourself/Your Company In One Minute or Less

  • The Fine Art of Small Talk—Skillful Conversation

  • Listening Skills—The Most Powerful Path To Success

  • World Class Dining Skills: Tutorial—The Great Deal Maker

  • Entertaining—How To Make Your Customer Feel Like a VIP

  • How To Make Proper Introductions—in Business & Socially

  • Highly Effective Networking Skills—Working The Room

  • Five Star Customer Service—Building Loyalty And Referrals

  • High-Impact Presentation Skills—Present With Confidence

  • Meeting Etiquette Do's & Don'ts—Attending/Conducting

  • How To Deal With Difficult People—Maintaining Control

  • Handling Complaints Effectively—Finding Win-Win Solutions

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